About Us

Our Story

CashBase is a web & mobile app for managing your personal finances.

We built it out of our own need, in a world where Excel and super-complicated finance apps were the norm.

A bit of history

CashBase was started in January 2010, when the first version was built:
a white web page with a form, two fields (amount & description) and a button. After a short while, the little app would also show a list of past transactions and would start getting better looks.

The rest is, how they say, history.
We got our first 10 beta-testers in March 2010, then a public launch in June. It took off slowly, but surely, and we never stopped using it.

Our pledge

We will do everything to bring you the best personal finance apps
and offer top-notch security, privacy and customer support.

Meet The Team


Ciprian Morar

User Experience and Business Development



Stefan Balan

Design and User Experience



Mircea Baicu

Web App, API