Powerful features, yet easy to use

Add income and expenses

Doing this manually is a hassle for most people. Therefore, we've focused most of our time into making this experience as painless as possible. In fact, we believe it's a good idea to manually enter all your transactions, since it might be the only way to really keep track of your money.

Insightful charts

An image is worth 1,000 words, they say. So is a pie-chart, where you see a breakdown of your expenses. Talking about pain, wait til you see how much you actually spent on taxi!

Multiple wallets / accounts

Cash wallet, credit card, savings account... there's no limit to how many wallets (or accounts if you prefer) you can create and keep track of. It's always a good idea to compare data with your bank statements, just to be sure you have them sync'ed up.

Recurrent transactions

Having transactions that occur every month (eg. rent or mortgage)? Easy as pie with our new "add-and-forget" system. Just add the transaction once and set it to repeat monthly. No hassle, no pain, more gain!

Import your bank statements

We admit it, not everyone wants to manually add expenses. We've built an importing feature which allows easy importing of bank statements and basically any transactions in CSV format. A useful feature when migrating from/to other personal finance software.

You own your data. Export it anytime.

We'll always respect your privacy and decisions. You own your data and can easily export all of it, anytime, whether for another software or you just want to keep a backup of everything for extra personal assurance.