Safe & Secure

Your security and privacy is a priority concern for us, therefore we have two main strategies to make sure your data is safe and secure:

  1. We take all the technical measures we can to secure the server:
    • SSL encryption (https) in the web app and mobile apps (when sync'ing data back to CashBase servers).
    • We never send sensitive information in plain text.
    • 4 separate backups each and every day are kept in 2 different locations.
    • Your password is stored with one way hashing algorithm and is known only by you.
    • You cannot retrieve a lost password, you can only set a new one once you receive the reset e-mail.
    • Your data is kept on secure servers in one of Europe's largest and most professional data center.
    • Only CashBase employees may access the data on the servers, but they only do it with your written permission.
  2. "Security through obscurity". We don't keep any personally identifiable data in CashBase, meaning that we can't tie specific transactions to a real person.
    The most we can do is relate transactions to a particular email address but, if this is a concern, you could create a separate, anonymous email account just for CashBase.
    You could take this a step further and, once you sign up with an email (can even be a fake address, we don't require manual confirmation), you can go to your account settings and simply remove your email address and set a username instead, which you'll then use to sign in.

In the near-future, we'd like to:

  1. Build support for offline storage with on-demand, non-mandatory sync'ing. What this means is that the web app would store all your data on your computer, and the iPhone and Android apps would store it locally on the phones.
  2. Get audited by a 3rd-party specialized in security & privacy audits, e.g. TRUSTe, Verisign and McAfee.