Awesome Customer Support

We'd like to thank all our customers for using CashBase, and especially those who expressed their appreciation for it.

Thank you!

Here's what our customers said about us:

  • "This is finally, I mean FINALLY a tool that delivers what a tool on personal finance should deliver. Thanks a lot. I am gonna use an android just because of this tool and the app for it. Thanks for your work."
  • "Brilliantly simple and easy to manage... Thank you!"
  • "This is an amazing tool to track expenses."
  • "Tried a few budget-management solutions, and this is by far the best I have came across. Effective and so simple, you'll be done in minutes!"
  • "They should come in on the idea of a bank."
  • "Incredible app, so minimalistic yet so powerful, good job!!!"
  • "I love this app very much! :>"
  • "Super simple and yet extremely powerful web app for personal cashflow management. Love it!"
  • "It worked! Thanks. CashBase is a great app!"
  • "Excellent response. Thank you so much!"
  • "That's great news. Thank you for such a quick reply. You guys are doing a great job!"
  • "That worked! Thanks so much, I am back up and running."
  • "So glad to hear from you so soon."
  • "The problem has been resolved. Thank you for the quick response."

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